Breast Screening Clinic

NM Medical has the most well-equipped breast diagnostic and screening clinic in the country including

  • 3D Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis
  • Breast Ultrasound with Elastography
  • Fine needle aspirations
  • Wire localizations
  • Ultrasound guided core biopsies
  • Stereotactic biopsies
  • Vacuum assisted biopsies
  • Digital Histopathology with IHC staining
  • Molecular and Genetic lab including BRCA test

Our department head Dr Shilpa Lad brings many years of experience including number of years of experience in Canada.

More on 3D Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis

Digital mammography is a specialized form of mammography that uses digital receptors and computers instead of x-ray film to help examine breast tissue for breast cancer.

3D TOMOSYNTHESIS : Tomosynthesis is a three-dimensional examination that can minimize the effects of structural overlap.

Limitation of Conventional Mammography

  • The decreased sensitivity in women with dense breast tissue.
  • Poor specificity with recall rates up to 10% for negative or benign findings.
  • False-positive findings often lead to unnecessary follow-up studies and /or biopsies.
  • Additional tests can lead to additional cost and anxiety for the patients.

Advantages of Digital Mammography with 3D Tomosynthesis

  • Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) allows Low Dose Radiation examinations of Patient.
  • Better Contrast Resolution & Accurate diagnosis.
  • Extremely fast & facilitates Quick Reporting.
  • Reduce repeat exposures due to motion artifacts.
  • Reduce dependence on previously required additional mammographic views.
  • Record Keeping.

Advantages of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

  • A reduction in the tissue overlap leading to increase sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer detection.
  • Improves detection and characterization of breast lesions especially in women with dense breast.
  • This improvement in diagnostic accuracy can be achieved by enhanced detection of lesions, improvement in the analysis of the margins of a lesion and precise localization of a lesion.

NM Offers 3D Digital Mammograpgy with Tomosynthesis at Marine Lines & Khar centres.

Launch event with Guest of Honour, Twinkle Khanna

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