Health Checkups / Whole Body MRI

NM Medical has installed Whole Body MRI machines at Marine Lines, Parel, Bandra, Malad and Borivali in Mumbai and at Kalyani Nagar and Sancheti Hospital in Pune.

Now, in just 45 minutes, get completely screened from head-to-toe. Whole Body MRI evaluates all the organs in the body including head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, musculoskeleton and whole spine.

  • Is completely harmless with no exposure to radiation
  • Is fully non-invasive with no injection of contrast
  • Has no side effects
  • Requires no prior preparations

Whole Body MRI costs Rs. 25,000/- However, it can be added to any of the NM Medical checkup packages for Rs. 20,000/-

MRI Applications

  • MRI Brain with Advanced Neuro (DTI)
  • MRI of the joints (Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Elbow)
  • MRCP
  • Spectroscopy
  • Breast MRI
  • MR Angio
  • Cardiac MRI
  • MRI Whole Spine
  • MR Peripheral Angio
  • Stress MRI
  • MR Renal Angio
  • Whole Body
*for Males only   |   **for Females only
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